Monday, 29 November 2010're on camera!

This morning I got up real early.  Lovely Man had to go for blood tests, I thought at 8.30, so when I woke at six I got up so that we wouldn't oversleep.  As it was he didn't have to be there till after nine and at seven when I woke him he just turned over and went back to sleep!  So there I was wide awake and there was nothing for it.  I turned on the laptop.  One of my new friends in town was up too, she had taken some of our skiing photos and uploaded them to a thing called "SmileBox" which she e-mailed to me.  Impressed with this little application I eagerly clicked on the "Get your own SmileBox".  A new window opened.  More good news.  This clever little application is FREE!  Wow! Neat!  So I followed the instructions, click this button, click that button, wait a few seconds...there done. " We have installed SmileBox and put it in your application folder" it said.  So I opened up the folder and double clicked the SmileBox icon.  The program opened, so far so good.  The application, upon first opening, will automatically upload the last six pictures downloaded to you computer it said.  Great!  I can get started straight away on my Christmas news letter for back home with some of the pictures I took yesterday.  

You can only imagine, my friends, how I felt when, before my very eyes it uploaded the first six photos in my i-photo library.  I watched in horror as, one by one, photos of me riding my bicycle around the naturist camp uploaded!  Now another horror!  The program did this all by itself.  Oh Please God...Nooooo. Supposing it had automatically posted to Facebook, or to my friend who sent me the link?  Panic stricken I closed the program.  Then I opened it again.  What I thought this would achieve I'll never know, but I was panicking!  Nope, still there. I went to my I-Photo library and deleted them from there, hoping that the computer may forget they were ever there and they might disappear from the SmileBox.  Like that was gonna work?  I'll uninstall it thought I.  Trouble is until now I have always relied on my son or my little brother to do anything like that.  I didn't know HOW to uninstall a program.  I dragged it to the trash can and it disappeared.  I tried to empty the trash can but it said it couldn't because I had put an application in there!  "I know it's there.  I don't want it, please take it away.  Get rid!"  I pleaded.

In sheer desperation I mailed my friend who started all this and tried to explain what had happened.  Did she know how to delete them?  This caused her to panic too thinking she had somehow been responsible for my demise!  A few seconds later she mailed back "No it's ok, I still have just your skiing pics".  Feeling a little hot and sick I returned to the dreaded program.  Then I saw it.  A tiny button at the bottom of the window with the word 'delete' on it.  Thank goodness for that!  So, in the words of corporal Jones, in future..."Don't panic Mr Manwaring"  just look for a delete button.  Or maybe just don't keep anything you don't want published anywhere on your computer!!

Needless to say there are NO pictures for this post!!!!


  1. Rona,

    I was excited to read your post but sorry to hear that we scrared you away. I run Smilebox. We load your 6 most recent photos into smilebox to get your started just like iphoto indexes your photos when you start. They are not shared in any way and in fact are still on your computer. I am sorry to hear that scared you. Is there anything we can do to get you to try again?

    Best regards,
    Andrew Wright
    Founder and CEO or Smilebox

  2. Thank you Andrew, but that's just it! LOL! It wasn't the six most was the very first ones in the library from over 2 yrs ago! Don't worry I haven't abandoned smilebox, just a bit busy with other stuff right no time to play!!

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me...I was surprised how you found me tho?? No harm done!


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