Saturday, 30 October 2010

Just one mixed up crazy kid?

Well I kinda couldn't sleep - again!  So after about an hour of trying to lie still and not wake Lovely Man I got up in the dark, fumbled for my fetching pink velour lounge suit and slippers,  and crept off to the kitchen to put the kettle on!  It wasn't till I got to the lounge and started to actually put on what I'd grabbed off the bedroom floor that I realised I had actually picked up odd slippers (I have 3 pairs).  so picture if you will a slighty over weight, forty something (nearly 50!) woman, with bed hair, wearing a ghastly pink velour 'lounge' suit (it keeps me warm ok?!) one white furry boot and one grey and white stripe slipper with a zebra's head on it!  You notice this post doesn't have a picture right? That's because this morning I want you to use your imagination!

So anyhow I sat here thinking about life, like I do from time to time.  I started to write my book the other day.  The one I want to write about Angels and the Laws of the Universe.  And well, I got to thinking about stuff.  Roughly 10 years ago I was at a very dark time in my life and although it often felt like nothing was ever going to change there was a part of me that used to dream.  Daydream that is.  I used to imagine being with someone who I REALLY loved and who loved me back.  I used to imagine living a life in the country, painting and crafting and generally being happy.  And then that's all it was.  Daydreaming.  Or was it?

Almost out of nowhere I seemed to get myself by the bootstraps and haul myself out of the bad time.  I had lots of help along the way.  Some of the help didn't seem kindly at the time, but looking back everything that happened had to happen to get me where I am now.  Where I needed to be.  Where I dreamed about being.

So here I am in a new country living on the edge of the wilderness, painting and crafting.  Writing and getting paid for it - still can't believe that one!  I have a man who makes me just SO happy - Lovely Man- and it's a million times better than I ever dreamed of! I dreamed of an English country cottage with roses in the garden, that evolved to living near a lake in Canada.  I dreamed of not having to go out to work but instead work at home.  We both dreamed of living in a small community, and playing a part in it, being able to do stuff we didn't seem to have time for before.  And OH BOY just look what we got!  A house, on the edge of the bush - literally - in a small, close community, with three lakes!  A town where everyone knows everyone, where people like to stop and chat.  A place where we can get involved because we have the time.  As for there being 'nothing to do' in a small northern town, nothing could be further from the truth! We have had more invitations to functions and events in one week than we'd have in a year back home! The whole community has more going on in a small place than we seemed to hear about in the larger towns we came from! There's even a dog pound and a cat rescue in town where I have been able to volunteer to help out - that was in my plan too!

And as I started to write this post I wondered.  Is it just because I was brave enough, or mad enough, to try?  Did I just get carried along? Or was it just meant to be?  Did I just attract it into my life because I used to focus on it so hard?  See? Just one mixed up crazy kid!

And then I remembered.  One night, about six years ago, at church I got a message from my uncle, who is in spirit, he said that I should be patient and trust, and that one day things would be better than I had ever dared dream of.  At the time I just accepted it and hoped he was right, and then as time went on I held on to that message, trusting it to be true. 

So to all my blogging friends, and non blogging friends too, I say don't be afraid to dream. In fact dream a little harder and more often.  You may be surprised one day. As one of my new friends, Kassie, would say "Always expect miracles".


  1. What a lovely post. I'm glad your dreams came true Rona, and thank you for the words of encouragment, hope and inspiration :)

  2. hey there, thank you for popping by my blog and leaving your comment, so exciting about your book. Life is a strange and amazing thing isnt it! I sometimes do my best work in the middle of the night, theres something magical about creating when everyone else is dreaming. :-)

  3. So interesting to read, Rona. I too am dreaming of the same place and hopefully someday I will get there. I'd love to hear more about your journey and how you got see your dream come true.

  4. oh- yes! thank u very much for such a positive message today. so glad your life is so happy! :)


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