Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sold out!

Well almost!  Yesterday I did my first ever craft fair.  I sold 8 of my twelve bags and had four enquiries for my silk keepsake books!  For some reason my red velvet xmas stockings and gift bags didn't tempt anyone at all.  I made these last minute to make things look a bit christmassy as it was a christmas craft fair, perhaps people are not so keen on this sort of stuff anymore?  Never mind! 

Earlier in the week we did Thunder Bay one last time before the winter really set in.  The road was really pretty this time! Last time we passed through Schreiber I was intrigued by a number of trees bent over, almost in a perfect arc, at the side of the road.  Our friends, who have lived here for years, explained that there was an ice storm a few years ago and this was the result!  Fascinating! The frozen 'waterfalls' on the rocks at the side of the road are pretty impressive too!

So this week really saw the arrival of winter with our first real snow of the season, although I guess by local standards this still isn't anything to get too excited about!  It dropped to about -18 yesterday then rose back up to about -10!  After the craft fair Lovely Man and I decided to take a walk in the snow.  Having been shut indoors for two days sewing I was eager to get out there.  So eager I did the usual 'grab your boots and coat and out the door' thing.  Note to self - choose something you think will be warm enough and add another layer underneath!  Although I am told we will acclimatize eventually.  It was a strange experience.  Wearing only thin brushed cotton jeans my thighs got real cold even though I was walking quite quickly.  Within minutes of being back indoors they were suddenly on fire!  At one point they were SO hot I considered taking a cold shower!  I did, however, manage to get some nice shots of the beach and lake - all frozen of course!

So today is lazy Sunday.  Cooked breakfast, a little tidying up and then a whole day just painting and maybe another little walk in the bush!  Have a great week all!


  1. yay, well done, ro! for a first ever craft fair, that sounds like a great success - congrats! the pics are beautiful - and oh boy, i really remember the burning thighs things from when we lived in newfoundland for a couple yrs when i was a kid. the worst part was the itching that followed, as the blood started to circulate normally again - gah! i used to scratch myself raw!!! lol, defo more layers... xx

  2. Hi Rona, Thanks for stopping by my blog. The photos are gorgeous. I love to look at snow and ice but not have to be out in it. It snowed here today too, but it is not quite that cold.

    Congrats on your craft fair and all your sales.

  3. How nice that you did so well at the Craft Fair. They are so much fun aren't they? Gorgeous photos of the snow....:-)

  4. Beautiful pictures. Brings back memories of ice skating on the lake. Fun, but cold. Fell in once and had to walk home soaking wet. That was cold!

  5. Woo hoo!! Congrats on such a successful fair sweetie - that's amazing! Here's to many more.

    Beautiful snow scenes - you're living in a Christmas card! You best get that mulled wine on to keep you warm :)

    PS Do I say Happy Thanksgiving to you now?

  6. Hi Angie! No that's the U.S. we had ours on 11th October! The Americans just copied us LOL!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments



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