Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Oh What a night...

Cantabile - The London Quartet - Manitouwadge
late September back in 63....  Actually it was mid October 2010 but I couldn't  find a song about that!  Yes I am feeling musical, lyrical even, this morning.  Last night saw the second show of the "Night on the Town" series and well, things just keep getting better.  In September we saw the wonderful Louise Pitre, last night The London Quartet.  Four VERY talented guys from... you never guess? London, England!  Oh yes having moved half way across the world I go to see a show performed by an act from the UK!  They were, however, excellent and I would thoroughly recommend going to see them should you get the chance.  Currently touring Canada they will be performing in Belgium, Switzerland and Austria before returning to the UK.  You can catch them in December 2010 in Clacton-on-Sea, Grantham and Salisbury.  I think the hi-lite of the evening had to be when the guys came down to the audience, first serenading me and then Lovely Man with a comical rendition of "Are you Lonesome Tonight?"

This morning we awoke to our first smattering of snow!  Lovely Man has put the heating on and made coffee in our new Hamilton beach Brewstation, which he is particularly fond of mostly because it only cost him $9.99 in a thrift store!  I have decided that I will work on my writing and painting whilst listening to the CD, kindly awarded to us by Cantabile - The London Quartet, firstly for being good sports and secondly because they found out we were fellow Brits!  Thanks Guys!


  1. Sounds like a fun evening. I kind of miss..snow, coffee, a good fire. Enjoy!

    I better see your challenge sketch...no hiding!

  2. Ha ha, Thanks Diana! Yes I posted my sketch on my art blog! Just off down to the basement to paint!


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