Saturday, 29 May 2010

No Mans Land

Yesterday the packers came.  They arrived three strong and armed with an array of weapons.  Reels of tape, boxes, bubble wrap and scissors.  For over seven hours they folded, wrapped, sorted, boxed and labeled.  Then they were gone leaving behind a very empty and somewhat sad little place.

Phil arrived and immediately opened the kitchen cupboard.  His eyes like saucers he remarked "ooh good you've still got lots of food".  Yes we have. But such a pity the can opener got packed, along with everything except a butter knife, two cups, some paper plates and some plastic glasses!

Last night we slept on a rather uncomfortable sofa bed with two very disgruntled cats!  This morning we woke to the sound of rain on the conservatory roof.  In Canada they call it the Florida room.  Certainly doesn't look anything like Florida out there this morning!

Lovely Man decided he needed a cooked breakfast so I suggested the cafe at the end of the road.  It was then we realised that we had packed ALL our coats!  So how's it all going so far?  Well.  We've nothing to cook with, eat off or with.  We have only two bath towels and two tea towels left here. NO coats!  We do have a skillet, tub of ceramic beans and a tiffin box which should be on a ship.  Oh and the envelopes I carefully set to one side to post last minute letters?  They are in the top drawer of the filing cabinet.....which is.....on the ship!

However, we are still smiling!  Not with glee though, just pure insanity!


  1. What do you need hun, I can put a 'refugee' pack together for you?


  2. Aww bless you!!! It's ok really! David found my old drover coat in the garage and he bought some plastic cutlery and found some old camping stuff which hasn't been snapped up at the car boot yet!!


  3. Think of it as a kind of camping holiday Rona!?? You'll soon be settled in your new home - then you only have to UN-pack it all! x

  4. OOOh yes then the things that got pack that should have stayed here can be packed up and sent back!!! At least it'll give me something to do! xx


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