Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Bitter Sweet New Beginnings

Well!  We're here!  This morning it is raining like you wouldn't believe!  Lovely Man declared that if he'd known it rained here he'd have stayed in Blighty!  The last two weeks went in a blur.  I have to confess my emotions are all over the place.  I am calm and settled for the most part.  But my emotions are actually quite raw.  I cannot phone home for fear I'll end up a sobbing heap.  My last memory of all those dear to me is a bitter sweet last meeting ending in uncontrolable tears!  That last contact felt like my heart was being ripped from my body.  Even Lovely Man sobbed and asked 'Tell me again why we're doing this?'

However,  two nights of decent, restful sleep together with a good start on all the red tape and formalities has made us feel a little better.  I guess each phone call will get easier.

Today we are going to look at a car.  Yesterday we road tested a Dodge Durango.  It was big, blue and shiny with a huge V8 engine.  I fell in love.  Lovely Man asked me which car I would choose of the ones we looked at.  My head tells me the Chrysler  Town & country van but my little 'ole heart says the big blue Dodge cos it's big and shiny and it roars!


  1. Rona I'm glad you've arrived safely! You're so very brave starting such a big adventure. Of course it's going to feel strange at first, but hang in there, I'm sure you'll feel more settled soon.
    PS I'd follow your heart and go for the Dopdge!

  2. Hi there! Yes we did, not the shiny blue one. A bit over our budget so a slightly older black one but it still growls!!! I just plucked up the courage to look at the digital photo frame my brother gave me. Full of pics of my last day out with my lovely baby nephews. I managed to look at them all without crying!!! Bought some lovely fabric in a thrift shop today for my next purse. We don't say handbag over here!!! LOL! Speak soon


  3. Awwww my Ro. Nearly blubbed again reading this. Miss you already. Get the shiny one, after all you are my 'I just like shiny things Lorrie' friend. xxxxx


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