Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The final countdown

Today has been another day of sorting, cleaning and packing.  How is it that we accumulate so many things and yet still we always seem to not have the one thing we need?  I've lost count of the number of times Lovely Man has nipped off to B & Q on a Sunday morning because we just need this or that to do whatever job is Job of the Day.  And yet he is continually coming into the house saying 'Look what I found!  I didn't even know I had these!'  I, of course, am not guilty of this.  The reason I have so many packets of needles, pairs of scissors and scraps of fabric is because people give me things! (said with wide-eyed look)

But the pleasure has been in finding a birthday card from an old friend tucked away, and the odd photo which had hidden itself amongst books and long forgotten letters from people we haven't seen for awhile. There is also the feeling of new beginnings and a lightness that comes when everything is sorted, sifted, thinned out and filed neatly.  Treasure of the day had to be a handmade birthday card, drawn in pencil on a folded piece of lined A4 paper.  It was from Chris.  It was given to me on the first birthday I was with his Dad.  It reminded me of a surprise birthday party with Jelly rabbits which he'd insisted he made.  And a trip to Chichester with him and Becky which was a diversion tactic whilst all the guests arrived!

All in all a nice day and very productive too!  You never know, at this rate we may just be ready for the shipping company on Friday!


  1. Sounds like you're keeping busy Rona! Lots of luck with the big move!

    I love re-discovering treasures I'd forgotten about too. How lovely that you found that card and those lovely memories with it!

  2. Thank you Angie. I hope it settles down soon I'm desperate to make that evening bag! Yes it's lovely finding things you'd forgotten you had! Which has given me an idea for my next blog...I may just have to name and shame Lovely Man!!!

    Loved your photo frame the other day btw!



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