Saturday, 15 May 2010

Car Boots & Kitty Cats

Today we did our fifth car boot sale in a concerted effort to lighten our load before packing up to sail across the pond.  It was a beautiful sunny morning and trade was slow but steady.  After lunch we arrived home and totted up the money raised so far.  Lovely Man only bought one item, an Eeyore for Bec.  He came back grinning broadly at his find, I didn't like to tell him he bought her one the same a couple of years ago!  He also managed to seek out a fab camera tripod for me at the bargain price of £2!  Our total so far almost covered one single air fare and we were chuffed to say the least.

Last night however, Ali, pictured above, started retching and coughing.  Nearly an hour later she was still at it and looking quite distressed.  We duly called the duty vet who said she may have something stuck, probably a blade of grass, at the back of the throat/nasal cavity.  We put her in the cat basket and she was worryingly co-operative.  'She must be poorly' said Lovely Man.

So at 10.30 pm, in my truly fetching pink velor pj's, we set off to the vet's surgery.  Ali wailed inconsolably ALL the way there!  Her cries were odd, like she was mewing under water.  Once at said vet she retched violently and deposited one long blade of grass on the floor.  That done she decided she felt much better thank you and perked up.  Lovely Man hung his head and apologized several times for getting the vet out of bed or wherever he was.

After lunch we went to pay the bill.  Lets just say I could have flown half way to Canada on it!


  1. Am so glad Ali is ok it's always so worrying when pets are poorly. I feel your pain with out of hours vet bills they can be shockingly expensive :S

    Sakura x

  2. Thank you. Lesson time take a ride in the car first then, if not cured, go to vet! Ha ha!


  3. I didn't realize you were moving Rona - all sounds very exciting!

    Glad Ali is OK - she's beautiful! And at least you now know the alternative cure for next time ha ha! x


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