Monday, 10 October 2011

We Have Created A Monster!

Almost a month since my last post and you could all be forgiven for thinking I haven't been doing much at all, and you would be that far from the truth as far as my personal creativity is concerned.  Life has a habit of doing a U-turn every now and then.  Last year, our first year in Canada, we had very little work between us.  Lovely Man struggled with the bureaucracy of the College of Nurses Ontario to get his registration done, I took odd jobs and tried to make a living from my art and craft.  Now suddenly I have two jobs, working six days per week and Lovely Man is getting hospital work.  To top it all suddenly everyone wants my Aprons and they want them now!  Not that I am complaining, I am so happy people like my stuff but I was starting to get very twitchy.  I wasn't getting anything done for me.  All the fall decorations I had planned didn't happen and I haven't put paintbrush to canvas for at least 3 months.
So today I did a deal with myself.  If I got one apron finished this morning then I could have the rest of the day doing stuff for me!

I have been keenly following The Graphics Fairy, especially Brag Monday, and many others all of whom seem to be a dab hand with fabric, freezer paper and an ink jet printer!  Now I bought some freezer paper nearly three years ago and I dragged it all the way over here with me but I never got around to using it!  I suddenly realised I was actually nervous to do it in case I wrecked my printer! Ha!  So after giving myself a good talking to, along the lines of "for heavens sake the world and their Uncle have been doing this successfully get on with it", I got on with it!  And just look what I made!  I took a pumpkin print from the Graphic Fairy, I made a background in Photoshop and overlaid said pumpkin, printed it on calico and with a bit of beige wool fabric made this lovely cushion.
And it didn't stop there!  I also found some sheet music and these pretty birds and flowers, also courtesy of the Graphics Fairy, layered them in Photoshop, printed them and put them in very cheap (but nice) frames from Dollarama.  Total cost per picture?  Around $1.50... Suzanne  would be so proud of me!  Excuse the bad lighting it was late but I was excited to share!

Ok so now I am off to make some fabric pumpkins....Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Yay for you Rona. Really clever too! I hope you find time to paint soon x

  2. Well, someone's being creative and it ain't me. I love the pillow. It's something I'd love sitting on a sofa or chair in my living room.

  3. You have a nice blog and I like your humorous writing style. I found you via Polka Dot closet where you mentioned you got water slide decal papers for just $8 plus $4 shipping? May I ask where you got them please? Thanks in advance from a fellow proud Canadian now living in US :)

  4. Ooh you made lovely things, I love that pumkin cushion!

    It's great that you have work and that your aprons are in such demand, but we all need a day just doing exactly what we choose sometimes - more power to you! x


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