Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ooops I Did It Again!

Made another cushion that is!  I just love The Graphics Fairy!  

 AND... I made these!  Fabric pumpkins!  Super easy to do and fun and really quite cute.  I found them on the Martha Stewart website so all credit to her but they also seem very popular in blogland too!

I'm addicted!


  1. Love the pillow! I think I am the last person in blog land not to make a fabric pumpkin, now I know where the directions are! When you get your decals holler, I think I found a cheaper clear coat for them, I am trying it now. It is Krylon clear triple glaze, I am not sure yet how it is going to work, but if it works like I think, you would only have to put one coat on instead of 3 of the regular Krylon. If you don't coat it enough, they are hard to work with because they are so flimsy and tear easily


  2. I love the pillows. I should try my hand at making some. I've been trying to find pillows to add to my autumn decorating and haven't sound anything suitable but both of these would work our really well. I wondered who had the fabric pumpkin instructions. They're perfect. Thanks for sharing. Hugs


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