Monday, 21 June 2010

We're getting there!

Well we have now been in Canada for one whole week.  I feel we have achieved a lot.  We got all the paperwork done, bought a car.  Gradually we have started collecting furniture from various sources from garage sales to good old Kijiji!  We've spent endless hours in the bank and just as many scouring the internet for essential items to take up North with us.

Tonight, however, was total bliss.  I made Jam!  Lynn and I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen making strawberry jam!  So guess what?  I now have to add to my list of essential items jam jars, lids and labels!  It was a lovely evening and took the edge off the increasing frustration at not having my paints and bits and pieces to keep me occupied!  Oh and watch this space.  Just wait till you see my pot pourri holders for the lady's boudoir!


  1. Homemade jam - mmmmm! Cooking's a great creative outlet if you haven't got your other stuff to hand. Where are your paints and things - in transit? Still packed??

    Look forward to seeing your "purse" (seeing as we're being all Canadian now lol) when you make it, and the pot pourri holders!

  2. Hi Angie. Yes the paints and stuff are all in transit. Getting a tad excited about getting a brand new sewing machine!!!!



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