Monday, 8 February 2010

Work in progress!

This is my Russian Doll doorstop prototype 2!  The first was the perfect shape but I filled it from the top and wasn't happy with the finish.  This one I thought was going to be great.  Fill it from the bottom, I thought,  and the top will be better.  That worked ok.  But  I made the face a bit smaller as I felt the first was too big.  Am I happy?  No!  This one I feel is too small!  I can feel a third prototype is needed!  Oh well Rome wasn't built in a day... and neither will my doorstops be.


  1. That's brilliant Ro, well done girl. I am dead impressed. I am going to go buy some nice fabric this weekend and have a go myself. Can't wait to see your next prototypes.

    Here is an idea, have you thought of embroidering the face rather than painting it? That might be quite cool.


  2. Mmmm I thought of that but not sure I can sew that neatly! I'll give it a try on the next one tho.


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