Sunday, 21 February 2010

Catching up with friends

It's been a while since me & mine went out for an evening with friends. Somehow preparations for Canada, getting the house into some sort of order seemed to overshadow everything else.  This weekend we called a halt to the DIY and took a well earned break. Some friends had recently moved to a nearby village and they invited us over to see the new house, which by the way, is beautiful.  After some wine we headed to their local pub which, we found, serves the most delicious Thai food I have ever tasted.  We had one of the nicest evenings in a while, good food, great company and later a romantic bus ride home!  Yes too much to drink so a very amiable publican allowed us to leave the car safely in the car park. The  bus stop was right outside so as our friends tottered off toward theirs we waited patiently under a starry sky.  We were safely tucked up with Horlicks by midnight!  Just one of those little luxuries...time with friends.  Thank you Vicky & Ash!

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  1. Sounds wonderful Ro..going to have to check out that pub..I LOVE Tai.



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