Thursday, 11 February 2010

Simple pleasures or pure indulgence?

Yesterday I spent a rather lovely day at The Royal Spa, Tunbridge Wells. A christmas gift from my best friend.  We arrived just before nine and treated ourselves to a pot of tea and some thick granary toast with real butter and homemade raspberry jam.  With my rapidly approaching departure to Canada we wanted to make the  most of some one to one girl time that so often escapes us.  We checked into the spa and put on our white fluffy dressing gowns and were whisked off for a whistle stop tour before being left to our own devices.  We had a full body massage booked for 11.30 and a facial at 3.30.  As we swam, very leisurely, up and down the pool we planned our day. Eager to spend quality time together and, of course, to get our money's worth. We decided to chill by the pool and in the spa bath until half eleven. After lunch, served on low tables lounging on beanbags, we would rest in the bedouin style bedroom then back to the pool area.  Here we would apply our 'Morrocan Mist' treatment, a scrub, detox gel and a moisturiser.  This would be followed by our facial.

So this is what really happened.  All went well up till lunch time.  Have you ever tried to sit elegantly on a squidgy, unruly beanbag in a dressing gown without losing any dignity? No? Well let me tell you it's not an easy task.   If my friend could have disowned me she would have!  I think my first error was to pull it away from the wall. Then I plumped it up, sat on it and just sort of disappeared off the back with my legs in the air!  However, lunch was beautiful and tasted just as good as it looked.  Fed and watered we retired to the bedroom where we chatted and flicked through magazines. Then... we fell asleep.  We awoke about 5 minutes before our next treatment!

I had to laugh.  We had been looking forward to this day for weeks.  My friend had paid goodness knows how much for it and there we were... asleep!  We both agreed that we would, however, do it all over again!  Thank you Jan, snoring aside, it was a lovely day!

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