Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Taking A Break

Ok, so day three (yesterday)  I was struggling...only four doors and three drawer fronts stripped, 8 more doors to go!  My arms were tired and I was fed up with the smell of hot paint!  So I decided to give paint stripper a go.  I used paint stripper in the UK and to be honest it was pretty useless I thought but maybe, just maybe,  Canadian paint stripper would work. didn't.  Or rather it did on the top layer of latex paint but it turns out what I thought was a simple primer/undercoat was in fact Melamine Paint!  The stripper actually made it ten times worse to get off!  Disillusioned I decided to take the day off today and do something nice.

Ta da!
I got this idea on Pinterest, originally crafted by Destiny from A Place For Us. Destiny's are a little more dressy than mine as you will see if you visit her blog, but living in a small Northern Ontario town miles (Like 450 km) from the nearest proper shops you can't be too choosey!  I had two oval signs in stock that I picked up at Dollerama last time I was there (450 km away!) and my local Home Hardware store had just two of these hangers but they were white.  So I now have a can of black spray paint in stock also!  I had some Waterslide Decals ( Thank You Carol, from The Polkadot Closet) so I found a fancy font in Photoshop, downloaded some nice graphics from The Graphics Fairy and hey presto!

AND...I found this in a thrift store...actually I found two AND they were just $2 each!
They are beautifully hand crafted although I am not a pine person...I feel they are a little dated.  Soooo I am now in the process of sanding them down and prepping for a little white paint and a little distressing... a pretty graphic on the mirror, another waterslide decal, and they will be in the bedroom I think!

Last of all I went to the post office today and my lovely stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils had arrived.  I won these courtesy of Alderberry Hill and can't wait for Lovely Man to finish the dining room wall so I can put the to good use!  So all in all not such a bad day afterall!

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  1. Even on a bad day there seems to be a sunny spot. I love the signage above the doors and the sconces will look great painted white. Keep going, you're doing great!

  2. Pretty signs! And the lamp is lovely - you always seem to find such fab bargains! x

  3. Sorry that you are having trouble striping (Thought that would make people reread your post more carefully LOL) Love the signs!!


  4. sooo cute. Definitely want to make these now.

  5. Hi Rona! Thank you so much for coming by my blog! I enjoyed yours so much.....isn't it fun exchanging such great idea's on blogger and Pinterest!


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