Monday, 13 February 2012

Making a Start

Last week I was interested to read a post about Analysis Paralysis over at The Yellow Cape Cod, and I realised at last what it is that I suffer from!  It has a name!  Oh thank goodness!  I also made a new friend on Facebook, who just happens to live down the road (98k away but 'down the road' nonetheless).  She remarked to me that we sounded like kindred spirits except she spent a lot of time looking, planning, gathering ideas but a lot less time doing!  This confirmed the diagnosis for me because I realised that is what I do too. I spend hours on blogs and pinterest gazing a beautiful things and planning to do them some day and then I give myself a hard time because I get hardly any of them done!  Well no more let me tell you. 

So before I forget with all this chatter, here are the before photo's of my kitchen:

Now please try to look past the lack of cabinet doors, you see I set Lovely Man to task with his screw driver before taking the pictures!  But try to imagine Battleship Gray painted cabinet doors!  As you can see the kitchen is pretty small and there really isn't a lot I can do about that...but with a budget of approximately zero $'s I plan to decorate fearlessly, and cheaply, in the hope that until I win the 649 lottery I will be happy in this wee space.

Plan one is to paint all the doors white.  So many people seem to be doing this lately and it really does make a huge difference.  So far I have managed to strip three drawer fronts and two cabinet doors...only eleven more to go :/

Next I plan to replace the table and chairs with 4 white press back chairs (I grabbed 4 of these for just $10 at a yard sale when I arrived in Canada two years ago, they just need painting white) and a nice round table when I can find one to refinish.  Check out Liz Marie's Lovely Table and Chairs to see where I am going with that!

Lovely Man, who also spends hours watching the Property Brothers and Love It or List It, has joined me and gone all 'designer' and is going to swap the cooker and the fridge over which will hopefully open up the kitchen a little, and hopefully if we can get a piece of counter top to match the existing one we will extend the counter top where the butcher block is.  And finally, later in the year when finances allow we hope to put a dark wood floor in here and right through the main floor of the house.  Neat Eh?
So watch this space...and if you see no movement please give me a poke!
Again thank you to Liz for the inspiration and permission to nab her photo!


  1. Ok, girlfriend we will try to keep you on track! So glad you have an assistant decorator on board! Your plans sound great!


  2. Look at you go! I would say that taking off your cupboard doors and THEN taking a picture is the ultimate in laying yourself bare - love it!

  3. Looks like some great ideas and work ahead. Can't wait to see what you do !
    Hugs, Amy Jo

  4. Dear Nonnie Mouse, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Glad you're impressed, pop back again soon!

  5. Your plans for transforming the kitchen sound like work but won't the results be wonderful!?! Keep that in mind and you'll get this project done and then you can take photos & post so we can see your beautiful new kitchen.


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