Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Quick Update Post!

Good Morning Peeps.  As of late I seem to have little time to blog or craft come to that :(  It's this work thing that gets in the way really.  However, I am glad to be back at work, just need to adjust the work/life balance a bit.  In short I need to get my sorry butt organised!  Anyhow a very quick update on what's going on over here and so on.

First let me tell you my dear friend Lorrie Whittington is holding an auction in aid of the Famine In Africa Appeal, please do click on the link and take a look, even if you're broke and can't bid please help by spreading the word.

Well I've found ANOTHER little hobby thanks to Ron & Jackie...Fishing.  Yes folks I am well and truly hooked!  And yes to those of you who have known me forever it will come as no surprise that I have the WHOLE fishing ensemble (Pink Shirt and Pink Hat with "FisherGirl" motif!).

I have also made a start on making greetings cards and already got an order for two baby shower cards which unfortunately I can't show yet in case mum to be just happens to see, but I can share these which I have made and will be in my Etsy shop once I get organised! (Unless someone in town snaps them up beforehand LOL!)  They are hand drawn/painted in watercolor, on heavy weight watercolor paper and mounted on pastel card stock or Mulberry paper.  Cards are blank inside.  Of course I am always happy to make up custom orders, please message me if you are interested.

So that's it for today folks!  Now I have to go make my packed lunch and dry my hair then it's off to work I go!  Tatta For Now!


  1. Yes, I find that whole having to go to work thing rather cramps my style too...! Hope the job's going well though.

    Love your all pink fishing gear, and well done on your order! What sweet cards - and a lovely selling point that they're hand-painted.

  2. Hey Ro, I seem to have lost contact with you when you left us here in blogland for a spell. I started thinking about you and what you've been up to and low and behold, here you are. I love the pink fishing gear. Hope you have more time in the future to do a post from time to time. Be well and happy. Hugs


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