Friday, 26 August 2011

And Another One!

When I first mentioned aprons to my friend Jocelyn she became very animated and told me how she would love the 'perfect' apron.  It had to have a tie neck so that she could wear it higher when frying as fat always seemed to splatter up toward the neck and aprons never go that high!  The bib part needed to be quilted with a layer of batting... what good is it if fat splashes you and soaks straight through to your clothes she asked.  Ideally it needed to be black so as not to show every little mark and it had to be smart, not frumpy... good enough to wear when you had guests for supper.  OK not many boxes to tick then!  So today I put my creative thinking head on and set to work.

In my experience solid black will show as many marks as plain white, but usually a small irregular pattern is pretty good at hiding little marks.  I had a this black and white patterned fabric in my stash.  I also had some cotton batting and found in surprisingly easy to quilt the bodice.

I wasn't too keen on the idea of hoiking the bodice up around the neck as it is semi fitted so not only would she have to hoik her bust up as well, but the waistband would be up around her midriff.  So... another little bit of fabric and a little more quilting... et voila!  A small quilted, detatchable neck bib which only need be worn when frying and then taken off to greet guests and serve supper!

This time I made the waist ties extra long so they can be worn in a bow at the back or crossed over and bought forward to tie at the front.  Two looks for the price of one, for the skinny mini's at least!

Now I am off to make a quilted case for my Kindle!  Ciao!

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  1. I'd say you hit the mark and covered all of the bases with this apron! Great ideas. glad you candles came out good and I can't wait to see what you do with the dress form!



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