Monday, 23 May 2011

Work In Progress

Finally this afternoon I was able to at least clear my work table and get to my sewing machine!  The rest of the studio is still in disarray but....

So this evening I set to making a laundry hamper to hang on the back of the bedroom door.  I loathe having laundry baskets in the bedroom so mine is in the laundry which is in the basement.  Of course this presents a problem in the evening when we're tired and don't feel like trotting off to the basement with our dirty clothes and equally I hate clothes dumped on the floor, so a little hamper on the back of the door seemed the perfect answer and in the morning I can simply empty it into the one downstairs!  I have been buying 100% cotton sheets in the goodwill for 99c and most times there is absolutely no wear at all in them, they are like new!  I also bought some plastic hangers in The Bargain Store, 6 for $2.50!  I had some transfer paper in my stash and found the perfect label courtesy of The Graphics Fairy which I put in to Photoshop and added the word "Laundry", before printing and ironing onto the fabric.

It needs some adjusting and a little embellishment, lace, maybe a little rose and so on, but for now I am tired so will go back to it tomorrow!  I also plan to make another for the guest room... can't decide whether to stick with this label or look for another... maybe I'll sleep on that!

I am fairly pleased that I will have made both for less that $5!  Although I do have a confession.  On the transfer package it clearly said an ironing board is not suitable but you should use a sturdy table with a pillow case laid on it.  It also said 'apply light pressure'.  So I put a piece of wood... on the ironing board applied light pressure THREE times and the darned thing wouldn't stick properly.  So, I pressed just a little bit harder... must have been quite a lot harder because the ironing board sort of sunk!  Yes I pressed SO hard I bent the legs of the ironing board!!!  Note to self:  When instructions say "do not use an ironing board' don't!  When it says 'light pressure' it actually means 'push hard'!

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  1. Ah you're like me Rona - I always think of "instructions" more as "suggestions if all else fails"! ;)

    Love your laundry hamper, and what a bargain! If you wanted to add to it I think some lace would go really well wuith the design - very romantic and shabby-chic! x


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