Monday, 23 May 2011

Week 21 - The 52 Week Project

This morning I looked sadly at my blogs feeling somewhat guilty that I have been so lax in posting recently.  In my head Marvin Gaye was crooning softly "Has anybody seen my old friend Abraham", and I realised I've lost my friend mojo!  Can anybody tell me where he's gone?  Gripped with panic I wondered why he'd gone and, more importantly, was he coming back soon?  And then I looked at my blog reading list and also realised that there were a lot of my favorite bloggers, who like me would post at least once a week (sometimes more) who were also not so prolific these days!  Are they all away looking for their mojo's too I wondered?

To be fair, I have plenty of little ideas floating around in this old brain of mine, but my studio is a mess on account of some alterations and renovations so I think maybe my mojo has just hidden away in a closet somewhere, afraid to come out lest he get moved, organised or worse!

So here is my attempt at a come back, an entry for the 52 week project headed by Lorrie Whittington, week 21.  It sums up my week perfectly - Fiddleheads!  No, not just an expletive that I might feel like yelling when I throw my hands in the air in despair at losing my mojo, vegetables!  These are a spring delicacy around here!  They are an unfurled fern which can be cooked and eaten cold in salad or you can saute them in a little butter and garlic.  I actually quite liked them although Lovely Man told me exactly where I could put them... but I won't share that little gem with you!


  1. My mojo has been kidnapped by work demands and will be held ransom for at least the next 3 weeks :(

    Those veggies look really pretty in your photo but I'm secretly suspicious they'd taste like sprouts lol!

  2. Bless you Angie! No they don't taste like sprouts! Hard to say really, they have a very subtle taste... a bit like courgettes... nothing on their own, but with garlic and sauted in a little butter really yummy!


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