Saturday, 27 March 2010

All's quiet on the southern front!

Well!  Things have gone very quiet across the pond but somehow I'm not in the least concerned!  I gather that property purchase over there is much less stressful than over here.  Over there you make an offer, the seller comes back with a counter offer, you settle on a figure, sign some papers and pay your goodwill deposit.  It seems after that you just sit back and let your lawyer do the rest and cough up the balance in either 30 days or sixty days (this is decided by buyer/seller at the offer stage).  Simples as the confused meercat says!

Over here however quiet is not good.  Quiet is no phone calls requesting viewings.  Quiet is lying awake at night wondering if the house is going to sell in time.  Quiet is.... HELL! At the moment we seem to be in limbo.  There are many things to be done but sadly we seem to be at a loss as to which to do first!  Today we cleaned our little camper van in readiness for a potential new owner who is coming to give her the once over tomorrow.  Hopefully she'll drive off to pastures new and leave us with fond memories and off course a little help toward the moving costs!  At least it'll break the silence when she chugs off down the road!

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  1. Oh Rona, sypathies hun, such a stressful time for you both, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for getting you a good sale.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Oh, and one little word. TAGS!!!!!!!



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