Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Package Pals - Part 1

Recently I signed up for my first ever Handmade Gift swap.  Lovely Jamie over at C.R.A.F.T. hosted Package Pals and I was paired off with a lady called Kathy, and would you believe she lives just five hours down the road from me!  So of course that means we may actually get to meet in real life at some point very soon!  The minute we were 'paired up' we immediately started talking, first via e-mail and then via Facebook!  Kathy and I have a lot in common it seems, thrifting, making new stuff from old and all sorts of stuff!  Anyhow Kathy is BIG on crochet... actually doing it that is, whilst I am big on buying anything crocheted.  I am currently trying to learn, but it is like knitting... small stuff that gets finished quick is good, bigger projects ... well they just don't grow fast enough and I get bored and give up.

So within a few days Kathy managed to weedle out of me my house color schemes, likes and dislikes and a whole host of other info, including the fact that a good friend of mine is expecting her first baby.  By Friday she announced she had been to the post office and posted my package!  That's when panic set in...  I had loads of ideas buzzing around in my head for her package but hadn't actually started any of them.  But I am glad to say I rose to the occasion and a parcel is winging it's way as we speak.

Now for my package!  Can you believe all these little flowers are crocheted?  Kathy knew I had a flowers and butterflies thing going on in my newly decorated guest room so she made this cute bouquet!  For my pregnant friend she made this adorable bonnet and bootie set!  A lovely set of 6 placemats and napkins with a crochet border... for my new table!  Some pretty little butterfly fridge magnets and some crocheted dish cloths.  Just look how cute they came... for a minute I almost thought they were another little gift for my friend!  Thank you Kathy!  And Thank you too, to Jamie for hosting the Package Pals Party


  1. WOW! You really got a full package! I love the cute baby gift for your friend and you're going to love using the crocheted dish clothes. You didn't say what was in the package you sent Kathy. Enjoy the rest of your week. xoxo

  2. OMG everything is absolutely amazing! Love the green baby bonnet and booties with eyes(:


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