Friday, 25 May 2012

Package Pals

I am just sooo excited about this!  I visited Jamie's Blog C.R.A.F.T. the other day and saw her post about Package Pals (read it here).  I love getting packages in the mail, but usually I know exactly what's in them and I've had to pay for them!  How nice it is though to receive a package that you didn't 'order' or 'pay for', a package that contains a complete surprise especially crafted for you by someone you've never met!  not only do you get nice pressies you get a new friend as well!  So I'm happy to say I signed up and when I got home this evening I had an e-mail from my new 'pal', Kathy.   And you never guess she lives in the Soo!  Ha! For those not familiar with where I live that's Saulte St Marie just a five hour drive away from where I live!  So that means I may actually, at some point, stand a good chance of actually meeting Kathy in person, which will make her a 'real' friend and not, as my son refers to my blog friends, an imaginary friend!  So far I know she crochets and has chicken pox right now poor thing!  I hope her favorite color is pink...maybe I could send some calamine lotion!  Only kidding, I have to send handmade goodies and don't have a clue how to make it lol!

So, I'm off to put my thinking cap on and you guys reading this, if you want to join in visit Jamie's Blog and register before 29th June (I think that's the cut off...go on, visit now and check!)

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  1. Oh what a cute idea! It is fun to get packages from bloggers...I have not gotten you package yet though LOL! I'll let you know when it comes. chicken box...Good Lord, I didn't think people got them anymore now with the vaccine!



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