Sunday, 29 April 2012

Backed Into A Corner

Have you ever backed yourself into a corner, got stuck in a groove that isn't really a groove but more of a thin crevice that stifles you?  Well that's just what I feel like I've gone and done.  I became obsessed with all the home reno programs on TV, the Better After Blogs, the arty blogs.  I love crafting, I love making good stuff from old stuff nobody wants...and that's good right?  It is, and don't get me wrong I love each and everyone of my arty blog friends, my crafty blog friends and my 'how to make a silk purse from a sow's ear" blog friends.  But somewhere in all that I lost 'me'. 

Tonight I was hopping around blog land, putting off working up the energy to do the ironing and I happened upon a new (to me) blogger Catie from Catie's Corner.  I read her post about how she met her hubby, their whirlwind romance and how she moved to Canada.  Catie confessed how she had been blogging for ages and yet not really shared anything about herself much, and how vulnerable she felt about doing so.  Her love story wasn't all that dissimilar to mine, and I too left my homeland  to live in Canada with my soul mate.  Her 'about me' said her blog was about "everything from DIY projects, to cooking and anything else I feel like talking about". 

Lately I have struggled to post anything on my blog monthly, let alone daily or weekly, and for that I felt guilty and disappointed that, as my ex mother-in-law liked to point out, I never really stuck with anything for long.  And tonight it hit me.  I had been soooo busy trying to be the artist blogger, the make something from nothing blogger, the popular go to place if you want to know how blogger that I forgot to be me!  When I started this blog I chose the name carefully....Life's Simple Pleasures.  My intentions were to share anything dear to my heart, anything positive, inspiring, beautiful...and real.  And yet I fell into the trap of trying to be one thing, of only ever posting about stuff I made completely forgetting all the other good stuff in life!  Consequently when life got busy and the painting/crafting/making slowed down I had nothing to post.

So thank you to Catie, for giving me a little nudge, for inspiring me to get back to the real me!  I joked that maybe we should start a linkey party thingamabob about our love stories (although I haven't a clue how to do one - linkey party that is), but my next post is going to be My Personal Love Story.  It will be difficult, like Catie I feel vulnerable...but I want to share it because it's real and it's me. 

Hi, welcome to Life's Simple Pleasures.  My name is Ro and I'm back....


  1. Oh Rona, we all me included follow a variety of blogs. Lord, If all I followed was DIY blogs i would be bored stiff!! I follow blogs that have just plain humorous authors or or blogs that they are just great writers and I feel I am right with them on a walk with the snow crunching under my feet. I follow Mommy blogs i have nothing in common with, just because. So, you don't have to be anything but you. Debbiedoo is a great example, she is just fun and positive and we follow her life. You, just be you and then you will be your best. We all love,, I can't wait for your next post, see how easy that is!


  2. Ro, you do what you gotta do and I'm sure there will be someone or lots of someones who will come see what it is you're doing. When I started my blog it was to connect and share with people. I had recently retired from working outside my home and now am spending most of my time by myself. I've always been someone who enjoyed making and doing and salvaging and revamping and trying new things. I follow blogs of painters and quilters and bear and doll makers and those who are fixer-uppers and junkers. I follow people who are living their lives and sharing their experiences and projects. I've made friends with people who I'll never meet in person but who I treasure all the same. I will be back to see what you have to say and I'll support you in whatever you chose to do. That is what friends do.
    Have a great week.

    1. Thank you Maddy, that means a lot xxxx

  3. Hi Ro,
    how nice to see your return to the blog world.
    I don't always blog about art either,gets boring and there's so much more in life.
    Enjoy and write what you want.

    1. Thank you Amyjo! I don't know how I got so stuck really lol! I used to write about whatever I fancied and suddenly I sort of forgot to be me!

  4. Well Ro, I'm so glad to have you back! As you well know, I've recently been having those same thoughts and torn feelings. It really is soothing to know that others out there are feeling the same way so we don't feel so alone in this big competetive scary world! I was so busy comparing myself to those big blogs that when I did manage to craft, I'd even second guess sharing on the blog because I felt it wasn't good enough! OH what a tangled web we can weave... I'm still a bit nervous at the thought of changing my direction a bit with the blog... I guess it's a mix of the worry that goes with opening up to who we are, what we do everyday that isn't so perfectly DIY and glamourous...but we can do it 'together'! I'm not going anywhere, and I look forward to more of the Ro behind the diy!


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