Monday, 5 April 2010

The simplest pleasure of all...

is spending quality time with old friends. This weekend we left behind the stresses of trying to sell a house, choose a shipping company, pack up and so on. We spent Easter Weekend with friends in Morley, Leeds. With our pending emigration all shopping is banned so we set off instead for a weekend of culture!   Leeds Armoury was our first port of call. One word. Fantastic!  Well ok, three words. Fantastic and Free!  This is well worth a visit, spread over some 5 storeys,  there are so many displays by the time you reach the fourth floor you're on sensory overload!  The Coal Mining Museum in Wakeford was our second visit.  Again this was FREE!  The generosity of the North knows no bounds.  We traveled in a cage some 140 metres down to the pit face and spent an enjoyable hour or so wandering around in the dark with a lamp!  Our guide, Mick, was very knowledgeable and even offered to black our faces with coal to prove we'd bin down't pit.  I felt the rather fetching white hard hat and light complete with battery pack belted around my waist was quite proof enough!  My thanks to Jacqueline & Kev for their hospitality.

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